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Featured Items This Week

Featured Items This Week

Blue Blood SkateboardBlue Blood Skateboard
CCM Vector 05 HelmetCCM Vector 05 Helmet
Metal Skate CaseMetal Skate Case
Tangled GT Roller SkateTangled GT Roller Skate
Tour 725 FISH BONELITE Inline Hockey SkateTour 725 FISH BONELITE Inline Hockey Skate
Vanilla Green Machine Inline Speed SkateVanilla Green Machine Inline Speed Skate

We would like to welcome you to our site that has a full range of skates, Ripstiks, Protective Equipment, Goalie Equipment, Clothing and Miscellaneous items. 
CCPskate have added Roller Derby, Tour, Inventist, Lake Placid, Crystaline and other skates and apparel. Please check them out.
We are here to serve your needs in quality skates as well as other items.  Call your neighboring rinks to find ice time or put on your favorite pair of skates and make your way to the parks, or just go out on a nice stroll.We have all types of inline, hockey,roller, ice skates to choose from. One of the other lines we have added is  Scooters and Ripstiks. Skating is a safe sport that can be done as a family,  but all we ask when ice skating you check your lakes and ponds before your outing.  Read the users manuals or ask your parents or guardians to help you.  With the roller blades you are not limited to the weather conditions.  We are here to answer any of your questions you might have. HAVE FUN!   Visit our favorite links. We're also proud to provide sport bags, hockey gloves and more protective gear suitable for a variety of skate-based sports.

Reduced prices this week

Reduced prices this week

Aaron Pence SkateboardAaron Pence Skateboard
C-150 Flite 7000 Series Inline Skate SeniorC-150 Flite 7000 Series Inline Skate Senior
Razor E300S Electric ScooterRazor E300S Electric Scooter
Triple Eight Brainsaver HelmetTriple Eight Brainsaver Helmet
U-3 D.O.D. Roller Skate.U-3 D.O.D. Roller Skate.
Vanilla Blue Junior Roller SkateVanilla Blue Junior Roller Skate

We are Your Online Skate Store for Skating Gear

Welcome to our skate shop online. At our online skate store we offer skate gear and quality skating brands. If you skate for life or are actively involved in the skating world, then you've come to the right place.

You can be assured that your personal data and financial information is secured.  Listing your name and phone number is just a way for us to send you great deals when they come along.  Also the item or items that you are shopping for will be delivered to your door.    

Chassis or plates are made out of aluminum and plastic.  Aluminum is lighter than its counterpart.

Other parts, Protective Pads, Jersey Shirts, Bearings, along with Hockey, Inline and Racing Skates.

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